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Safe Delivery Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video Script

Piano music playing in the background.

(Her) I got pregnant.
(Him) We weren't prepared to keep a baby.
(Other Female 1) They were scared.
(Other Female 2) Didn't know what they were gonna do.
(Other Male 1) So they kept it a secret.
(Other Female 3) That was dumb!
(Other Female 4) Yeah, what happens when the baby's born?
(Him) We just can't keep it.

If you can't keep your baby, there is a safe place nearby where you can leave your newborn, without giving away your name.

Go to an on-duty employee in any fire or police station or hospital, or call 9-1-1.

Within 3 days of birth.
It's safe, legal and anonymous.

(Other Female) Safe for your baby.
(Other Male) Safe for you.
(Other Female) Safe for your secret. 

More piano music playing in the background.

(Leading audio of baby crying.)

To end the tragedy of newborns being abandoned and left to die, Michigan passed the Safe Delivery of Newborns law to make it legal for a parent to surrender the infant in a safe and anonymous way.

Within 3 days of the baby's birth, a parent can leave the unharmed newborn with an on-duty emergency service provider - that is, an employee who is inside a fire station, a police station, or a hospital; or to a 9-1-1 responder. 

It's anonymous.  No one else needs to know. 

The parent can leave without giving a name.  He or she doesn't have to answer any questions, but may choose to give basic health information to help the baby. 

Surrendering a newborn is safe for both the mother and the baby.

The mother can ask for confidential medical and counseling services.

The infant will be examined by a doctor and given urgent medical care, if necessary.

Then the baby will IMMEDIATELY be placed with an approved prospective adoptive family. 

Birth parents have 28 days to change their minds and petition the court to regain custody of the infant.  After that, however, their parental rights will end and the baby will be eligible for adoption.

(Leading audio of family interacting w/baby.)

The plan is to make sure the baby has a loving family where he or she can grow up healthy and happy.

(Her) We feel we did the right thing.

(Him) Right for us, right for the baby. 

For more information, call toll free,1-866-733-7733. 

Safe Delivery. 
Three days. 
Three places or 911.
Three reasons.

(Other Female) It's safe.
(Other Male) It's legal.
(Other Female) It's anonymous.