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Tips & Resources for Keeping You and Your Baby Calm

Your baby isn’t sleeping. You’re not sleeping. Your baby’s crying and you’re reaching your breaking point. We’ve all been there. The good news – it’s only temporary and there’s help for you and your baby to get the rest and help that you so desperately need.

Instead of letting baby sleep in a bouncy seat or on the couch to get peace and quiet, try some of the following ideas.

Ask for help. Call on your loving friends and family to help with your baby or other mounting household duties. This gives you a break and allows baby some great snuggle time! Just make sure your helpers know the safe sleep rules too.

Set baby down in a safe place, like a pack-n-play, and walk away to calm yourself. Once you’re calm, go back to your baby and try again to get your little one to sleep safely in their crib or pack-n-play.

Keep moving. Gently rocking or walking with your baby can do wonders.

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