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    In effort to better organize the sites that are being investigated for PFAS, on this page you will find two categories of investigations: PFAS Sites and Area of Interest. 

    PFAS Sites:
    As of March 2021, a PFAS site is defined as a property where EGLE has a valid groundwater monitoring well sample result that exceeds one or more of Michigan's seven PFAS groundwater cleanup criteria, and based on data, EGLE has determined the property is the location of the source of PFAS contamination (e.g., fire training area where PFAS-containing foam was used). 

    Area of Interest (AOI):
    Is an area being investigated due to the potential for PFAS contamination to be affecting residential wells for which a source has not been determined.  AOIs will be created based on data showing the potential for human exposure, which may also generate significant public interest.

    Call 800-662-9278 for assistance with reading or interpreting. If you have questions or comments on the map, please contact EGLE-Maps@Michigan.gov.


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