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County Information 

Contact Children's Protective Services in Midland County
U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts for Midland County 

CTF Designated Local Council 

Safe & Sound Child Advocacy Center 
Prevention Area Served: Midland County
Grant Tier: 3 ($20,000)
Website: Safe & Sound Child Advocacy Center 
2716 Jefferson Avenue, Building #2
Midland, MI 48640
Phone: 989-835-9922

Coordinator: Michelle Waskevich



Direct Service Grant 

West Midland Family Center
Prevention Area Served: Midland County
Grant Number: CTFDS 17-56001
Grant Period: FY17-FY20
Website: West Midland Family Center

4011 West Isabella Road
Shepherd, MI 48883-9688
Phone: 989-832-3256

Coordinator: Susan Love

Project: Born to Thrive focuses on a secondary prevention model. As such, we have chosen the curriculum from the Nurturing Parenting Program called the Nurturing Skills for Families (Nurturing Skills/Nurturing Skills Program). It focuses on secondary prevention and is designed to intervene to prevent abuse among populations with one or more risk factors associated with child altreatment, e.g., poverty, or young parental age, parental age, parental substance abuse. Nurturing Skills for Families also works to strengthen families. The goal of this intervention is to provide parents with the necessary knowledge, skills, resources and services to build upon their parenting strengths and prevent the abuse and neglect of their children. The Nurturing Skills Program delivered through Born to Thrive will be integrated with Strengthening Families philosophy which is woven into all program service delivery at WMFC. Monthly specials will be designed to focus on the strengthening families protective factors. Activities that address a child's social and emotional development will be addressed each month. Examples of monthly family specials may include: an agency fair to personally introduce families to the various services available in the community - demonstrates Concrete Supports. A parent tea, spa or other such event that encourages parents to get to know other parents in the program-enhances Social Connections and shows value and respect for parents. A Parent Super Hero night provides fun, interactive activities and would focus on parental resilence (what that is and how to improve it) and parenting and child development (how understanding children makes Super Heroes out of parents!). Born to Thrive was designed to meet the specific and culturally unique needs of the families that live in this community. To facilitate relationship development any individual hired into this program will have local knowledge and will possess a clear and historical understanding of the population, the local colloquialisms and the unique culture of the region.