Your child's smile is priceless. That's why Healthy Kids Dental protects it at no cost to you.

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Your child's smile is a joy. Just picture a toothy grin. A happy face. A burst of laughter. Most of the time, when your child smiles, so do you. So, it's important to keep that smile healthy. It's why the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Delta Dental have teamed up to bring you the Healthy Kids Dental (HKD) program—dental coverage at no cost to you.

Across the state of Michigan, Healthy Kids Dental is available to children who have Medicaid and are under the age of 21. And finding dental care is easy with HKD, because eight out of 10 dentists across the state accept it. So if you have HKD, make sure you use your benefit.

For more information about Healthy Kids Dental, take a look at this brochure (PDF).

Healthy Kids Dental is a partnership between Delta Dental of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

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