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Questions about Healthy Kids Dental? We've got answers

Want to learn more about Healthy Kids Dental (HKD)? Curious about a specific service? Have a question about your child's coverage? Find the answers below. Because if you have HKD, there's no reason you shouldn't use it.


Can I choose any dentist?

You can choose any dentist near you who accepts Healthy Kids Dental. Find an HKD dentist using the Delta Dental directory. When you call to schedule a visit, be sure to tell the office your child has Healthy Kids Dental.

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When does coverage begin?

Your child's coverage begins as soon as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services tells Delta Dental he or she is eligible. Services provided after that will be covered. Your ID cards will be mailed at that time. Note: Your child's Delta Dental ID card is permanent, so you will not receive a new card each year.

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Will Delta Dental make payments to the dentist? Or will I receive a bill?

Delta Dental will make payments directly to Healthy Kids Dental dentists. Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements that you receive from Delta Dental are not bills.

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Do I have to pay?

As long as your child sees a dentist who accepts Healthy Kids Dental, you do not have to pay for covered services. If Healthy Kids Dental doesn't cover a service, you must pay for that service.

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What happens if my child doesn't go to a participating dentist?

Delta Dental will only cover services from a dentist who accepts HKD. If your child visits a dentist who doesn't take HKD, you will have to pay for their visit.

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Does Healthy Kids Dental cover all dental services?

Delta Dental covers many dental services, but not all. See what's covered. Or, take a look at the Healthy Kids Dental member handbook for the full list of covered services.

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What should I do in case of a dental emergency?

In the event of a dental emergency, call your child's dentist's office. Ask what you should do. If the emergency is life threatening, call 911.

If you aren't in Michigan when the emergency happens, call Delta Dental toll-free at 800-482-8915 (TTY users call 711) to get help finding a dentist. Note: You do not have to go to an HKD dentist for emergencies outside of Michigan.

Before your child gets treatment, tell the dental office your child is in the Healthy Kids Dental program. The office needs to call customer service at 800-482-8915 for information and billing help. This is very important.

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What if my child needs specialty care?

Any specialty dental care must come from a dentist who accepts HKD. If the specialist does not accept HKD, Delta Dental will not pay for the services. Ask your child's dentist for a referral to a specialist in your area who accepts HKD.

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My child's Delta Dental card has a different number than his/her Social Security number. Is that wrong?

No. Identification numbers have changed from Social Security numbers to the 10-digit state-assigned Medicaid ID number. (This is the same number included on your mihealth card.) If you still have an old card, please request a new one from Delta Dental.

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What if my child's Delta Dental card gets lost or damaged?

If you need a new card, you can request one by calling Delta Dental at 800-482-8915.

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Have more questions? Call Delta Dental toll-free at 800-482-8915 (TTY users call 711).

Healthy Kids Dental is a partnership between Delta Dental of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

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