Division of Emergency Preparedness & Response

  • The Division of Emergency Preparedness & Response (DEPR) is the emergency preparedness and response arm of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The division serves to protect the health of Michigan citizens before, during and after an emergency through the integration of public health and medical preparedness initiatives and by leveraging diverse partnerships. DEPR maintains a dual role in both preparedness planning and in emergency response. These activities encompass all hazards, including natural and man-made disasters, acts of bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks and other emergencies that impact the health of the public.
Information on Medical Surge Planning, MI Volunteer Registry, Pharmaceutical Cache Development, and Emergency Preparedness Regions.
Information about MIHAN, Risk Communication Materials, SNS, Tribal Governments, and Local Health Departments.
Contains links to MI health preparedness trainings & resources
Contact information for Bioterrorism Emergency Notification phone lines and DEPR
Read current and past issues, and subscribe to the DEPR newsletter The Guardian of Public Health
Information, materials, and other resources for professional partners of DEPR