Videos You Can Use

Videos can be a powerful tool in promoting infant safe sleep.


MDHHS Videos

MDHHS has a variety of videos available. Check out the full playlist of videos you can share on the MDHHS YouTube channel:
Don't Let Baby Get Too Warm 46 second video resource that covers the risk of letting baby get too warm and how to know when baby is dressed just right.
Rethink Your Position - 30 second PSA - Sleeping in bed with your baby puts them at risk for suffocation. 
Safe Sleep "Fight" - 30 second PSA - Your baby should not have to fight to get a good night's sleep.
Safe Sleep: What Every Parent Needs to Know - 8:01 Video with Interviews - during this video we hear from 3 families who've lost young children to unsafe sleep environments and hear from medical professionals on ways to keep babies safe during sleep. 
Infant Sleep Safety - 4:37 Video - Covers the importance of infant sleep safety and how to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant death including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
You can also learn more about infant safe sleep from our partners at local health departments and community agencies.

Videos from National Partners

The American Academy of Pediatrics has video clips in various lengths from encouraging parents to practice safe sleep from the baby's view point.
The Safe to Sleep® campaign has created videos on variety of topics: 
to explain ways caregivers can reduce the risk of sleep-related infant death. 
to explain ways to practice safe infant sleep and breastfeeding.
for grandparents and other trusted caregivers - select grandparents or abuelos.
to learn how to create a safe sleep for baby by using the Interactive Safe Sleep Environment Tool

Charlie's Kids Foundation has an animated video series that is designed to be shared through multiple changes (social, organizational, educational) to teach, engage, and promote safe sleep practices.

Think Bare is Best! - 1 minute PSA - from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
10 Tips to Keep Baby Safe - 5-minute PSA - from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.