Michigan Youth Treatment Infrastructure Enhancement (MYTIE)

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    The Michigan Youth Treatment Infrastructure Enhancement (MYTIE) initiative will guide the state in the development of an effective continuum of care for transitional aged youth 16-21 years of age and their caregivers, with the goal of increased access to and improved quality of treatment and recovery support services. 

    What We Know:  An estimated 127,000 (14%) youth aged 16-21 had a substance use disorder (SUD).  Thirty-seven percent of those youth also had identified mental health concerns.  In 2013, a total of 6,749 substance abuse treatment admissions for transition youth aged 16-21were reported by publicly funded SUD programs.


    The Purpose of the MYTIE Project: 1) Establish state infrastructure that will increase service access, treatment and recovery support service use and quality for transitional youth aged 16-21; 2) Establish partnerships with key stakeholders for the purpose of developing policies, expanding workforce capacity, disseminating evidence-based practices, and implementing financial mechanisms; 3) Identify issues and barriers that affect access and treatment of SUD and co-occurring disorders; 4) Identify disparities that effect access to treatment; 5) Promote the development of statewide family and youth support organizations; 6) Develop a strategic plan to guide needed changes to the service delivery system.

    The Need: The current system of care reflects poor penetration rates for the treatment of adolescents and transitional youth age 16-21, with only approximately 8% of those with an identified need, receiving substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services.  In addition, there is no mechanism for conducting effective outreach to this population, direction for collaboration with referral sources, or linking to resources from the Single State Authority.

    The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:  Was awarded $420,149 for the MYTIE project. The project period is from September 30, 2015 to September 29, 2017. A full-time State Youth Coordinator will oversee this project and report to the Office of Recovery Oriented System of Care Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Section Manager.  An Interagency Council was developed and convenes with key stakeholder, youth and family involvement.  The Interagency Council will help to develop the strategic plan for transitional aged youth treatment and recovery support services, guide the development of the financial map, and contribute to the development of the adolescent and transitional aged youth treatment policy.  The Interagency Council and the State Youth Coordinator will review appropriate evidence-based practices, and assist in the dissemination, training and implementation of the chosen practices to the field.

    Project Evaluation:  Evaluation of all grant deliverables, including the workforce map, workforce development plan and strategic plan will be accomplished by investigators from Wayne State University.  With their guidance, surveys to the field will be completed and compiled, annual reports generated, and quality improvement plans developed.

    MYTIE Project Evaluation Year 1

    MYTIE Project Evaluation Year 2

    MYTIE Project Evaluation Year 3


    MYTIE Financial Map - 2017

    MYTIE Financial Map - 2018


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