Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program


Worried that you can’t afford follow-up care for Breast or Cervical Cancer issues?

Actually, you can’t afford not to!

You have a problem. Your health insurance plan covered your breast exam, Pap test, and mammogram, but now you are faced with high out-of-pocket costs for follow-up care.

We have a solution. The Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BCCCNP) covers follow-up medical costs for low income women age 40-64.

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Women's Cancer Screening Program in Michigan 

Since 1991, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has implemented a comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BCCCNP) through a multi-year grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With these funds, low-income women now have access to life-saving cancer screening services and follow-up care, including cancer treatment if that should be needed.

Who Is Eligible? 

The following information MUST be determined PRIOR to enrolling women in BCCCNP

1.  Income< 250% Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

2.  Age:
a. 21-64 and requiring cervical screening/diagnostic/treatment services
b. 40-64 and requiring breast screening/diagnostic/treatment services

b. 21–64 and referred to BCCCNP with an abnormal screening Pap test OR clinical breast exam which requires breast/cervical diagnostic services

3.   Residency and Citizenship Status:
a. Current Michigan Resident
b. Migrant Worker
c. Women living near the border of a neighboring state (Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota) who plan to receive screening and diagnostic services in Michigan.

Note: Women who are enrolled in a managed care program, a health maintenance organization, or Medicare Part B are not eligible for the BCCCNP.

    Federal Poverty Level (2020) *
 Size of Family Unit  Poverty Guideline  250% of Poverty  138% of Poverty
 1  $12,760.00  $31,900.00  $17,608.80
 2  $17,240.00  $43,100.00  $23,791.20
 3  $21,720.00  $54,300.00  $29,973.60
4 $26,200.00 $65,500.00 $36,156.00
5 $30,680.00 $76,700.00 $42,338.40
6 $35,160.00 $87,900.00 $48,520.80
7 $39,640.00 $99,100.00 $54,703.20
8 $44,120.00 $110,300.00 $60,885.60
Each additional member
(beyond 8)
$4,480.00 $11,200.00 $6,182.40
* The federal poverty level figures are updated annually.

What Services Are Available Through the Program?

Screening Services

Through these local public health programs, women aged 21-64 can receive screening services such as: 

  • Pap smears (ages 21-64)
  • Screening mammograms (ages 40-64)

Diagnostic Services 

If a breast and/or cervical abnormality is identified from the screening test/exam, the woman will be referred to community providers for follow-up. Over 75 diagnostic services are provided free of cost through the BCCCNP. Some of these include:

  • Diagnostic mammograms
  • Ultrasounds
  • Breast Biopsy
  • Colposcopy services
  • Colposcopy-directed biopsy services
  • Medical Consultations

Family Planning women enrolled in the BCCCNP are eligible to receive cervical screening and diagnostic services.


Cancer Treatment

In the event of a diagnosis of breast or cervical cancer through the BCCCNP, a woman may be eligible for Medicaid coverage. If eligible, Medicaid will pay for all of her medical expenses for as long as she is being treated for the cancer. Once treatment is no longer needed, the woman is then potentially eligible (once again, based upon age and income) for continued annual screening services through the BCCCNP.

A woman remains eligible for Medicaid coverage until:

  • Her health professional deems the woman is free from cancer an will not require continued cancer therapy or
  • She no longer meets the eligibility criteria for this program (e.g., has obtained creditable insurance coverage, has reached the age of 65 and has Medicare Part B, or has an income that exceeds 250 percent of the federal poverty level).

Note: Women who are illegal aliens, although eligible for BCCCNP services, cannot receive Medicaid coverage. Federal law limits Medicaid coverage to citizens and legal aliens.

Where Are These Services Available?

Women throughout Michigan may seek these services from over 700 contracted BCCCNP providers across the state.  Services are also available through the tribal health clinics of seven federally recognized Indian tribes.

Any Michigan woman, ages 21 through 64, can call 1-844-446-8727 to obtain a local phone number to talk to the BCCCNP coordinating agency closest to her home.  The local agency will assess each woman for program eligibility based on age and income, and provide an appointment to a health care provider or clinic near her home.

For the name and number of the local BCCCNP agency nearest you, call (toll-free) 844-446-8727.

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