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Foster Care Navigators
Navigators work to empower, educate, and advocate for individuals who wish to become or continue as foster parents.

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Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange

The Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) is a statewide information and referral service for families interested in adopting children from foster care, and for adoption workers looking for homes for these children.

Post Adoption Resource Center
Post Adoption Resource Centers, or PARCs, are a resource for families with children ages 21 years or younger who have been adopted in Michigan from foster care, or through an international or direct consent adoption or who are placed in guardianship through Michigan’s foster care system and are eligible for guardianship assistance through MDHHS Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Office.

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Faith Communities Coalition
The Faith Communities Coalition on Foster Care is a growing grass roots collaboration to connect Michigan congregations of all faiths on behalf of Michigan children in foster care.

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