Department of Community Health Announces Appointments

April 16, 2002


Michigan Department of Community Health Director, James K. Haveman, Jr., today announced that Patrick Barrie has been named Deputy Director for Health Services Administration and Irene Kazieczko has been named Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Bureau Director. 


"I am pleased to announce these important appointments," said Haveman.  "Patrick and Irene are outstanding individuals with the expertise and understanding of the issues needed as we continue to improve health care in Michigan."


Barrie, of Adrian, currently serves as Associate Director of the Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority and previously served as Bureau Director for Managed Care and Community Services at the Michigan Department of Community Health.  


Barrie began his career with the Department of Community Health in 1995 and was instrumental in designing and implementing Michigan's waiver for Medicaid managed care for specialty mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services.  Under Michigan's program, nearly all Medicaid specialty mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse services have been managed by specialty Prepaid Health Plans.  A specialty Prepaid Health Plan is a managed care entity that provides Medicaid covered specialty services under a contract with the state on the basis of prepaid capitation fees.  


Michigan was the first state in the nation to offer this innovative plan, which assures access and quality for consumers, while maintaining costs at reasonable levels.


"I am pleased that Patrick will be returning to the Department of Community Health," said Haveman.  "With his knowledge of managed care, long term care, pharmacy, mental health, substance abuse issues and Medicaid, Patrick will hit the ground running in this position." 


Barrie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree from Michigan State University and earned a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Duquesne University in Pennsylvania.   He will begin his position providing oversight and direction for the bureaus of long term care programs, children and family programs, hospital services, forensic mental health services, mental health and substance abuse services, comprehensive health plans and pharmacy programs on April 29, 2002. 


Kazieczko, of Lansing, currently serves as Director of the Division of Community Services within the Bureau of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services at the Michigan Department of Community Health.  Previously at the Department of Community Health, she was Director of the Service Innovation and Technical Consultation Section and directed Services to Older Adults in need of mental health services.  Prior to joining the Department of Community Health in 1987, she served as Associate Program Director for the Center for Aging Education at Lansing Community College. 


"Irene's commitment to ensuring a high quality of care for persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities will be of great service to the citizens of Michigan," said Haveman.  "Her dedication, experience and knowledge of the community mental health system will allow her to seamlessly transition into this new role."


Kazieczko earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Michigan.  She will begin her position providing direction and oversight for the division of community services/mental health, division of community services/substance abuse, division of substance abuse quality and planning, consumer relations and specialty managed care effective immediately.