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Personal Responsibility Education & Taking Pride In Prevention

Michigan’s State Personal Responsibility Education Program (SPREP), Taking Pride in Prevention (TPIP), is a comprehensive pregnancy prevention program designed to educate adolescents, 12-19 years, on both abstinence and contraception to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS. TPIP programming also incorporates the following 3 adulthood preparation subjects: 1) healthy relationships; 2) adolescent development; and 3) parent-child communication. The program funds multiple local community agencies across Michigan to implement TPIP programming in their communities.

TPIP programming is strength-based, promotes positive youth development, builds skills for dealing with peer pressure, targets risk and protective factors, supports the successful transition to adulthood, and empowers young people to make informed decisions related to sexual health and pregnancy prevention through the implementation of evidence-based or evidence-informed curricula.

FUNDING SOURCE: State Personal Responsibility Education Program (SPREP) is administered by the Family and Youth Services Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Kara Anderson, MA
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coordinator