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Hereditary Cancer Toolkit

*** Do you have questions about hereditary cancer? ***
Call our HOTLINE at 866-852-1247, 9am-4pm Monday thru Friday.

Below are no-cost resources for clinical use and professional development in cancer genomics:

Risk Assessment

Genetic Counseling, Testing and Referral

Health Plan Policy

Cancer Genomics Education

HBOC and Lynch Syndrome 

Informed Consent

Cascade Testing

Patient Resources- For patient resources, please see our webpages for patients!

State and National Resources


Contact Us

If you have questions, call the MDHHS Hereditary Cancer Hotline at 1-866-852-1247 or email For cancer genetic counseling and testing services in your area, visit the Directory of Clinical Cancer Genetic Services in Michigan.

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Lifecourse Epidemiology and Genomics Division 
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Last updated: 9/16/2022