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Newborn Screening General Information

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FAQ: Newborn Screening and the BioTrust for Health
Michigan Newborn Screening Saves Babies Video
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Newborn Screening Legislation

These acts detail the laws surrounding the implementation and execution of newborn screening in Michigan.

NBS Legislation Act 14 (1987) 
NBS Legislation Act 691 (2002) 
NBS Legislation Act 31 (2006) 
NBS Specimen Retention Policy 

After Newborn Screening - The Michigan BioTrust for Health

The NBS laboratory routinely saves all newborn screening samples after testing is completed, unless otherwise directed by a parent or legal guardian. In accordance with state law, some leftover samples may be used for medical research after all directly identifying information (name, address, etc.) is removed. The BioTrust is a program that oversees our state's stored blood spots and their uses in health research. Please explore the BioTrust for Health website for more information!

Questions and Support

A Newborn Screening Nurse Consultant is available to answer questions and offer support to families of infants and children who have been diagnosed with any of the NBS disorders. Call the toll free number, 1-866-673-9939, and request a return call. 

More Information Related to Michigan Newborn Screening for:

Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD)
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) 

Family Resources and Support

Children's Special Health Care Services  ~ Your infant or child may be eligible for benefits from this Department of Health and Human Services Program. Their toll free family phone line is 1-800-359-3722. 

The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program monitors the results of this hearing screen. Prior to being discharged home from the hospital, your newborn may have received a hearing screen. 

 Updated 6-19-2019