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Michigan BioTrust for Health

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Welcome to the Michigan BioTrust for Health website!

The BioTrust is a program to oversee our state's stored blood spots and their use in health research. Five to six blood spots are collected from almost every newborn shortly after birth for newborn screening. After newborn screening is performed at the state laboratory, any unused blood spots (including parts of blood spots) are stored for up to 100 years unless a parent or grown child (18 years or older) opts-out. De-identified stored blood spots can be used for research. The choice to allow research use is yours to make. Please explore this website to learn more!

Program Contact Information:

Call: 866-673-9939 

Fax: 517-335-9419 or 517-335-9739

333 S. Grand Avenue

2nd Floor 

PO Box 30195

Lansing, Michigan 48909