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Data Quality

MI-WIC system has been equipped with data quality checks for below & above acceptable ranges, biologically implausible values (BIVs), unknown/missing values and several cross-check errors. When Michigan WIC's management information system (MI-WIC) was developed, data quality was one of system developments top priorities. Data quality ensures data completeness, accuracy, and consistency of information. The MI-WIC system ensures we are achieving the highest quality of data for collection, monitoring and use in research projects and collaborations.


For more information on WIC research projects, please visit WIC Research.





 Data Quality Tips:

  • Income Information: If needed, enter more than one row in to the income grid on the Income Information screen. You do not have to convert any pay amount for the system. If a value is incorrectly entered, simply click on the row, press remove and save the screen. Be sure the source, interval, amount and verification are all correct before saving the screen.
  • LMP vs. EDD: When known, please enter the LMP for pregnant women. The system uses the LMP to calculate the EDD. If LMP is unknown, EDD must be entered. LMP or EDD cannot be changed due to end of day processing rules for that certification. If entered incorrectly, clients may be at risk for running out of their WIC benefits before she delivers. When the client returns for her postpartum certification, the system allows you to update the EDD if needed.