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Point of Sale Equipment and Systems

In order to accept WIC benefits as a form of payment, WIC Vendors must use a point of sale system that is capable of connecting with the State of Michigan's EBT Contractor FIS/CDP.


Integrated Point of Sale Systems 

The Michigan WIC Program maintains a list of  point of sale system providers that allow you to accept multiple forms of payment "integrated" with one machine, including WIC, SNAP, cash assistance, credit, debit, etc. If you are interested in using one of these systems, contact a provider in the list below:

List of Integrated POS Providers


Stand-Beside Point of Sale Device

Michigan's EBT Contractor FIS/CDP also provides a point of sale device that "stands beside" another point of sale system. These devices may only accept EBT payments, including WIC, SNAP, and/or cash assistance, depending on the device you request. If you are interested in leasing a stand-beside device, you may follow the instructions below for submitting a merchant agreement to FIS.

Instructions for FIS/CDP Merchant Agreement

Merchant Agreement for FIS/CDP Stand-Beside POS Devices

Resources for FIS/CDP Stand-Beside Point of Sale Device

Frequently Asked Questions

Point of Sale Procedures Manual

Quick Reference Guide

Downloading the Approved Products List

Full Download Instructions to Reset Device

Uploading Prices to Stand-Beside Devices



Emails Regarding the EBT Transition to new Contractor FIS-CDP

January 15, 2021 EBT Transition Announcement

January 22, 2021 EBT Transition POS Survey

February 16, 2021 WIC Program Updates Webcast

May 3, 2021 Initial Instructions for Receiving WIC EBT Equipment

May 26, 2021 Instructions for Completing Merchant Agreement for Receiving WIC EBT Equipment

July 13, 2021 Integrated POS Providers as alternatives to Stand-Beside Devices

August 3, 2021 FIS begins shipping Stand-Beside POS devices

August 25, 2021 Uploading Prices to Stand-Beside POS devices

October 12, 2022 Improved Instructions for Updating Stand-Beside POS devices

 WIC Division, Vendor Relations Contact Information