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Apply to be a WIC Vendor

To ensure access to wholesome foods, the Michigan WIC Program is committed to contracting with Vendors by accepting and reviewing applications according to current WIC Vendor Selection Criteria. Keep in mind that the Michigan WIC Program offers a 'formula-only' WIC Pharmacy Contract and a 'full-line' WIC Vendor Contract that allows for the sale of any WIC authorized food or formula. These Contracts hold Vendors accountable to different minimum stock requirements and selection criteria.


WIC Vendor Applications




The Michigan WIC Vendor application process is competitive - openings for new Vendors are calculated from the number of clients within a zip code. If there is not a present need for a new WIC Vendor, applicants may be placed on a waitlist and reassessed if a need is determined for an additional WIC Vendor. In the Michigan WIC Program's sole and exclusive discretion, a Vendor may also be authorized under a 'quality exception' beyond the limited number of openings for a zip code. For consideration, a Vendor must submit the following form.


Additional Application Form for Eligible Waitlist Vendor Applicants


WIC Vendor contracts are valid for 3 years, beginning July 1st and ending June 30th. WIC Vendors must apply for a new contract at the end of each 3-year period. This period of application submission and competitive review by is known as the 'open application period' (OAP). During OAP, currently authorized Vendors and waitlisted Vendor applicants are both considered for Vendor openings within each zip code. To facilitate the open application process, the Michigan WIC Program has separated the state, by region, into three contract cycles with staggered 3-year contracts: Northern, Central, and Southeast. OAP applications for each contract cycle are accepted from October 1 to December 15 of the year prior to the end of that contract cycle's 3 year contract period.


Selection Criteria and Minimum Stock Requirements

Applications are reviewed for eligibility by current WIC Vendor Selection Criteria. If the application is complete and the store is selected, an on-site preauthorization visit and training will be conducted to verify application information and minimum stock. 


More information regarding the application process and WIC Vendor responsibilities is available through Michigan WIC's recorded Vendor training videos and training materials.

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