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Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission

The issue of child lead exposure and child lead poisoning in Flint has highlighted the prevalence of child lead exposure and child lead poisoning throughout the state of Michigan. Over the past twenty years, there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of Michigan children testing with elevated blood lead levels. But despite the state’s efforts, there still remain pockets of predominately low-income areas where children continue to be exposed to lead.

By far the most common form of lead exposure for children is through lead paint and lead dust in old homes. Other sources include residual lead in the environment and lead in water. Appropriately testing and providing needed services to children with elevated blood lead levels should remain a high priority for the state. But the state must also take a more proactive approach to stopping lead exposure. commissioner speaking at meeting

Through Executive Order No. 2016 - 9, the governor created the Child Lead Poisoning Elimination Board to address the need for a "coordinated effort to design a long term strategy for eliminating child lead poisoning in the state of Michigan…." This temporary body will include diversified stakeholder and state department representation.

Through Executive Order 2017-2, the Board was re-formed as the Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission (CLEEC).

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Executive Order 2017-2: Creation of the Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission

Mission, Vision and Values

Purpose and Responsibilities

2016 Final Report

Commission Members