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Counseling Contractors

Becoming a counseling contractor for the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) involves the submission of an application and supporting documents to the applicable MDHHS Business Service Center (BSC). Learn more about becoming a counseling contractor.

To apply for a counseling contract, you must submit the Counseling Contract Application (CM-52) and the BSC Livescan Fingerprint form. The BSC Livesan Fingerprint form can be obtained from the appropriate BSC via email. See the map and list below to select the appropriate email address. BSC 1 is the blue area, BSC 2 is the purple area, BSC 3 is the yellow area, BSC 4 is the green area, and BSC 5 is the orange area.Business Service Center Map  

BSC 1 Information & Forms 

BSC 2 Information & Forms 

BSC 3 Information & Forms 

BSC 4 Information & Forms 

BSC 5 Information & Forms

Descriptions of Services