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Counseling Contractors

Becoming a counseling contractor for the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) involves the submission of an application and supporting documents to the applicable MDHHS Business Service Center (BSC). Learn more about becoming a counseling contractor.

To apply for a counseling contract, you must submit the Counseling Contract Application (CM-52) and the supporting documentation.

For additional information or assistance, see the map and list below to select the appropriate email address. BSC 1 is the blue area, BSC 2 is the purple area, BSC 3 is the yellow area, BSC 4 is the green area, and BSC 5 is the orange area.

Business Service Center Map  

BSC 1 Information 

BSC 2 Information 

BSC 3 Information 

BSC 4 Information 

BSC 5 Information

Descriptions of Services