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Learn More About Becoming a Counseling Contractor

Effective 4/1/16

Becoming a counseling contractor for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) involves the submission of an application and supporting documents to the applicable MDHHS Business Service Center (BSC). MDHHS local offices often use private contractors to deliver counseling services to eligible clients. A referral cannot be made to a counselor unless the counselor has a fully executed contract with MDHHS.

Various criteria, such as licensing, clearances and local MDHHS need, must be met before a counselor will be approved for a contract. BSC's must receive approval from one or more MDHHS county offices that they have a need for additional service providers and are interested in having a new contract developed. Please contact the contract liaison in the local MDHHS county offices you are interested in serving to get prior authorization to become a contracted counselor.

The contract is simply an authorization to the local MDHHS county office to refer a client to the contractor for psychological counseling and authorization to the contractor to bill MDHHS for services delivered. The contract does not guarantee that a referral will ever be made to a counselor.

A contractor may offer services in one or more counseling categories. Contractors may not provide services under multiple contracts. See the Description of Services for more information.

The application and associated documents may only be submitted to the applicable BSC mailbox located on the application map. No hard copies will be accepted.

All applicants for counseling (COUN) contracts (whether as a contractor or subcontractor) are required to obtain the two clearances noted below prior to contract approval or being added to a contract. They are: 

  1. Central Registry (CR) clearance - This clearance is from the Child Abuse and Neglect registry for the State of Michigan. It is requested from and completed by the local MDHHS office. Results are only released to the individual requesting the information. In order to be eligible for the contract, the name of the intended provider must not appear on this listing. 
  2. National Child Protection Act (NCPA) clearance - This must be received for each individual who will be providing services under the contract. This is both a state and federal clearance and is completed through a fingerprint scan. Information and instructions for the agencies providing this service (IdentoGO) are listed below. The applicable BSC agency ID# must be used in order to be able to access the results. The required form is available on the MDHHS website.

Along with the completed application, the following items must be received for any individual providing services under the contract before the contract can be processed: 

  • Proof of Master's level license from the State of Michigan to provide counseling services;
  • Proof of individual social security number;
  • Proof of certification through Michigan Certification Board of Addition Professionals (MCBAP), if providing substance abuse services
  • Central Registry clearance results; and
  • NCPA clearance results

IdentoGO (by MorphoTrust USA)

Applicants may set an appointment online at

Select Michigan 

  • Locations can be found by area.
  • Online Scheduling 
  • Complete registration form 
    • Agency ID: See website for specific applicable BSC form.

Applicants may also call 1-866-226-2952 to set up an appointment. IdentoGO will provide the applicant with a date and location closest to the applicant within 10 business days.

The applicant completes the Applicant Information portion on the Livescan Fingerprint Request Form. The form and payment need to be brought to the appointment.

At no time will IdentoGO have access to criminal records.

Applicants will be notified if a criminal record is identified and the contract/subcontract will be denied.