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5. Employment Search Resources

This overview of employment search resources is provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to help providers find practice sites at which they can work with underserved populations and be eligible to participate in the Michigan State Loan Repayment Program (MSLRP).

Employment Search Process:

Graduating students and providers who follow the steps outlined below will identify practice sites and employment opportunities that increase the likelihood of receiving loan repayment.

  1. Use the links to job search and healthcare organization websites listed below to identify MSLRP priority practice sites and NHSC approved practice sites.
  2. Go to the HPSA-Find website at to determine HPSA eligibility for those practice sites.
    • Enter the address of the practice site to determine if it is located in an area with a geographical HPSA designation for their discipline - primary medical, dental, or mental health.
    • A practice site may be located in a county with no HPSA designation but be eligible for loan repayment if it has a HPSA facility designation. You can search for practice sites with HPSA facility designations by clicking on “HPSA by State & County” on the same page where you can search by practice site address.
    • Print the report, including the HPSA score (for NHSC) and record whether it is an MSLRP priority practice site.
  3. Contact HPSA-eligible sites, when necessary, to determine if employment opportunities exist.

Employment Search and Healthcare Organization Website Links:

Community Health Centers (CHCs): Nearly all CHCs have HPSA facility designations for primary medical, dental, and mental health, which makes them eligible for MSLRP and NHSC loan repayment. CHCs are also MSLRP priority practice sites. The Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) is the membership organization for all CHCs, also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), in Michigan. Providers can:

  • Access MPCA’s current Guide to Michigan Health Centers and MPCA Members, which lists all of the CHCs in Michigan at
  • Access MPCA’s Career Center, which lists current career opportunities at Michigan Health Centers at
  • Contact Rachel Ruddock, Workforce and Health Professions Training Manager, at, or 517- 827-0880 for information about working at CHCs.

Critical Access Hospital (CAH)-Administered Primary Care Clinics and Rural Health Clinics Designated as Facility HPSAs (RHC/HPSAs):

The Michigan Center for Rural Health (MCRH) assists both CAH clinics and RHCs with provider recruitment and retention. CAH clinics and RHCs designated as facility HPSAs are MSLRP priority practice sites. MCRH administers the 3RNet program and website, which lists job opportunities at CAH clinics and RHCs in rural Michigan. Use of the system is free for providers seeking jobs in Michigan and most job opportunities posted on the website are eligible for loan repayment. Providers can:

Because RHCs must be designated as facility HPSAs to be priority practice sites for MSLRP, providers should enter the county in which they are located into the HPSA-Find website to determine if they are listed as having a separate facility designation. Providers should also use the internet, or if necessary, contact RHCs to determine whether they are ‘for-profit’ or ‘not-for-profit’ organizations.

Not-for-profit clinics are eligible for both MSLRP and NHSC loan repayment, but for-profit clinics are only eligible for loan repayment through the NHSC.

Local Health Department (LHD) Clinics:

LHD clinics are also priority practices for MSLRP. Providers can:

Michigan Community Dental Clinics (MCDC):

MCDC is a not-for profit corporation that manages dental clinics serving Medicaid and low-income children and adults across Michigan. HPSA-eligible MCDC sites are MSLRP priority practice sites. Dentists can:


ACEMAPP is a free job search website developed and administered by the Michigan Health Council for physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. All practice sites, including outpatient primary care clinics, are affiliated with in-state hospitals. As providers search for jobs, they can make themselves available to employers or just browse the job market. Practice sites eligible for loan repayment are clearly marked. Posted job opportunities include detailed information on the community, practice environment, employer size, and benefits offered. Providers can:

Michigan Recruitment and Retention Network (MRRN):

MRRN is the membership organization for professional medical staff recruiters working at health care organizations throughout Michigan. Members are knowledgeable about the MSLRP and NHSC loan repayment programs and use them to recruit for their eligible practice sites. Providers can:

    or 989-941-9253.

National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Jobs Center and Approved NHSC Practice Sites

All NHSC approved sites are eligible for both the NHSC Loan Repayment Program (LRP) and MSLRP. The only exceptions are for-profit sites, which are eligible only for NHSC LRP. Providers at NHSC approved sites with HPSA scores less than 14 are unlikely to be awarded loan repayment through NHSC. Providers at lower score HPSA sites may, however, receive loan repayment through MSLRP. The NHSC Jobs Center shows approved sites with job openings. The NHSC Approved Sites list allows providers to generate a report of all approved sites in Michigan, which may or may not have current job opportunities.

State of Michigan Correctional Facilities:

Correctional facilities operated by the state of Michigan are also priority practice sites for MSLRP. Primary medical providers who want to work at correctional facilities and receive loan repayment through MSLRP may want to contact VitalCore. This organization regularly commit to making the employer contributions necessary for their providers to receive loan repayment. Providers can:

Community Mental Health (CMH) Clinics:

The Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHA) is the membership organization for CMH Board clinics. As mentioned above, providers interested in working at sites with lower HPSA scores are unlikely to be awarded loan repayment through the NHSC and should ask employers if they are willing to make required employer contributions for MSLRP. Providers can:

State of Michigan Psychiatric Hospitals and Forensic Center:

Psychiatric hospitals and centers and the forensic center operated by the state of Michigan are MSLRP priority practice sites. As mentioned above, providers interested in working at sites with lower HPSA scores are unlikely to be awarded loan repayment through the NHSC and should ask employers if they are willing to make required employer contributions for MSLRP. Providers can:

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