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History of Michigan's Trauma System

The Michigan Trauma Commission was created in 2000 (Public Act 440). The Commission was charged with completing a statewide assessment of trauma care in Michigan. Their report (filed in 2002) recommended the following:

  • That the EMS Division act as the lead state agency for trauma
  • That a comprehensive statewide trauma system be implemented utilizing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Model Trauma System Planning and Evaluation, 2006
  • That a process for designating hospitals be developed using the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma as a guide
  • A statewide trauma registry be developed
  • That injury prevention and education activities be coordinated between the lead agency and the Michigan Department of Community Health
  • That various fees be considered as a source of funding for the system

In 2004 Public Acts 580, 581, and 582 were passed. These statutes require that the Michigan Department of Community Health create a statewide trauma system consistent with the recommendations of the Trauma Systems plan, form a statewide Trauma Advisory Committee (STAC) and promulgate administrative rules to create a statewide trauma system. The Administrative Rules were developed and filed with the Secretary of State in 2009. In 2012 legislation directing that the trauma system funding allocation come from the Crime Victim's Rights Services fund was passed.

Michigan Statewide Trauma System Administrative Rules


Trauma Section Policies

  1. Regional Trauma Network Appeal Policy
  2. Designation Process and Timeline Policy
  3. Designation Subcommittee Establishment Policy
  4. Inaugural Policy for In-State Verified Facilities
  5. Designation Appeal Policy
  6. Withdrawal of Designation Policy
  7. In-State Verified Facility Verification/Designation Focus Review Policy
  8. Trauma Registry Review and Approval of Research Policy
  9. Data Submission and Missed Deadlines for Designated Facilities
  10. Inaugural Verification/Designation Denial