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Agency Licensure

Life Support Agency & Vehicle Licensure


  • All Vehicle and Agency Applications must be submitted thru the Image Trend Licensing System. 
  • All forms and publications are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.  To preview and download the PDF forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have this program, it can be downloaded from the Adobe website. 
  • Instructions on how to claim your ImageTrend account can be found here. 
  • Instructions on how to create a ImageTrend account can be found here.
  • eLicensing Public Portal Userguide PDF (1.8.20)


PDF copies of licenses are available through Michigan EMS eLicensing Portal


ImageTrend Licensing Documents 


Verify EMS Agency


Equipment and Agency Requirements 

Items listed under MCA Approved Equipment is only required if included in MCA protocols.

The new protocol suite was released earlier this year. Medical Control Authorities have until Feb 29th to adopt them and March 31st to implement. Several MCAs have begun the adoption process with the earliest MCA implementation being December of this year. Once implemented, EMS agencies will be responsible for ensuring that the new items are stocked on their vehicles and available during inspection. During the transition time, the mandatory equipment inspection form will have requirements for both the current protocols and the newly implemented ones. Therefore, it is very important to know the specific equipment your agency will be responsible for based on protocols implemented at your MCA(s). The Department has a tracking mechanism in place, so that when your Regional Coordinator comes to conduct an inspection, they will know what new items have been implemented for your particular agency.  Items “not required” will be marked as “NR” on the inspection form during inspections. Once all the MCAs in the state have implemented the new protocols, only the new protocol requirements will remain on the inspection forms.




Required Ambulance Documents for Licensure 


Agency Licensing Documents 


Policy and Memos


Contact Information

Derek Flory, BAS, EMT-P / IC

Life Support Agency and Vehicle Licensing Coordinator

Phone 517-243-8205