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MDHHS announces Community Information task force aimed at improving data sharing to address social needs

The Office of Policy and Planning at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is announcing the formation of the Community Information Exchange task (CIE) force. CIE builds the technology and relationships required to address the social needs like food, housing and education for people and their communities. This task force will develop a statewide plan for CIE guided by the notion that data sharing between health care and social service providers is critical to improving comprehensive care and achieving health equity. 

CIE stores information safely and provides referrals to social services to improve the health care of those in need. CIE also helps to coordinate health care services and connect individuals with resources across a variety of clinical and non-clinical partners and uses data collected about community resources and needs to drive policy change to promote more efficient and targeted distribution of resources and programming. 

“MDHHS is convening the CIE task force as a critical step toward a more holistic approach to improving health and social needs in our state,” says Ninah Sasy, director of the Office of Policy and Planning. “We recruited a task force with representation from consumers and social service providers to ensure that frontline perspective is integral in our plans for statewide CIE.”

The CIE task force brings together community-based organizations (CBOs) that provide services and resources to address housing instability, food insecurity and other needs with representatives of health care, health IT and government to make recommendations to MDHHS on the development of a model for statewide CIE.

“As our state’s health IT infrastructure continues to grow, it’s important that social service providers are able to adopt interoperable technology that helps us work with partners both in clinical settings and at other agencies,” says Janée Tyus, Senior Director, Genesee Community Health Access Program and task force member representing social service organizations serving communities facing health inequities. “We know our clients are better off with a coordinated approach to care, but we often lack the resources and awareness of what it takes for the community buy in to adopt technologies comparable to our clinical counter parts. Through my involvement in the CIE task force I hope to center the challenges that community-based organizations face and help develop a plan that supports organizations and partners like mine in building capacity to participate in CIE across the state.”

Below is a list of CIE task force members, their organizational affiliations, and the sector they have been selected to represent.

Domain Represented





Bob Kreha

MI211 Technology Consultant, Principal & Co-Founder, BrightStreet Group

Michigan 2-1-1

Behavioral Health

Joyce Fetrow

Project Director

Northern Michigan Opioid Response Consortium (NMORC)


Patrick McNeal


North Flint Neighborhood Action Council


Ammar Alzuad

Community Health Worker

Molina Healthcare

Health Care

Steven Grulke

Chief Information Officer

Mid-State Health Network

Health Equity

Janee Tyus

Senior Director, Genessee Community Health Access Program

Greater Flint Health Coalition

HIT Commission

Renee Smiddy

Sr. Director, Policy

Michigan Health & Hospital Association

HIT Commission

Marissa Ebersole-Wood

VP, Regulatory Implementation and Data Governance

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Implementing CIE (CHIR)

Kelly Stupple

Program Manager and Child Health Advocate

Washtenaw Health Plan

Implementing CIE (CHIR)

Ed Worthington


Advanced Technolgy Health Solutions/NMCHIR


Tim Pletcher

Executive Director


Payers (Medicaid)

Julia Aronica

Director of Plan Initiatives

Blue Cross Complete

Social Services/CBOs

Gretchen Wagner

Director of Early Childhood Education

Bay Arenac Intermediate School District

Social Services/CBOs

Nadeem Siddiqi

Executive Director, Technology, Development and Data Strategy

Wayne Metro CAA

Tribal Representative

Tyler LaPlaunt

Tribal Council Member

Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians

The Task Force will meet monthly through at least June of 2023, providing recommendations to MDHHS on the implementation of Community Information Exchange.

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