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Michigan Diabetes Prevention Program Medicaid Benefit

The Michigan Diabetes Prevention Program, or MiDPP, is a unique benefit for individuals enrolled in Medicaid. This benefit is projected to reduce the risk of developing diabetes for nearly 580,000 beneficiaries. This page will serve as a place to share information with individuals who are enrolled in Medicaid, organizations wishing to enroll in Medicaid as a MiDPP Provider, health care providers that would like to refer their patients and Medicaid health plans looking to contract with enrolled MiDPP Providers.

The policy will be effective July 1, 2023. Please continue to check back often as we will update with new information regularly.

The MiDPP policy can be found here:  Final-Bulletin-MMP-23-33-MiDPP.pdf.  For questions email

Are you an organization wanting to become a MiDPP Provider?

Are you a Medicaid beneficiary looking to enroll?

Are you a health care provider looking to refer a patient?

michigan dpp medicaid benefit