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About Substance Use & Problem Gambling
Substance Use, Gambling and Epidemiology

Downloadable Resource Materials

Treatment Information

Medication Assisted Treatment Guidelines for Opioid Use Disorders

A Quick Guide to Finding Effective Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

RR Brochure iconRecipient Rights Brochure:
know your Rights
Spanish RR Brochure iconDerechos de recipiente Folleto -Español:
conozca sus Derechos
RR Poster 1 iconRecipient Rights Poster 1:
It's Good To Know About Your Rights
Print 11x17 or 8.5x11
Spanish RR Poster 1 iconDerechos de recipiente Cartel 1 -Español:
Es Bueno Conocer Sus Derechos
Impresión 11x17 o 8.5x11
RR Poster 2 iconRecipient Rights Poster 2:
Rights of Recipients – 1978 Public Act 368
Print 11x17 or 8.5x11
Spanish RR Poster 2 iconDerechos de recipiente Cartel 2 -Español:
Derechos De Las Personas – 1978 Decreto Público 368
Impresión 11x17 o 8.5x11

Drug Information

Med Abuse Guide iconMedication Abuse Resource Guide PPT icon
View on your computer or download to DVD for distribution.
Synthetic Cannabinoids/Marijuana, K2, Spice – General Fact Sheet
Synthetic Cannabinoids/Marijuana, K2, Spice – Health Care Provider Fact Sheet

Bath Salts Fact Sheet
Meth brochure 1 iconMethamphetamine Brochure 1 Meth brochure 2 icon Methamphetamine Brochure 2
Club Drugs sheet iconClub Drugs GHB brochure iconGHB: A Vicious Scam. A Proven Killer.
Date Rape brochure iconWatch Out For Date Rape Drugs Alcohol Drugs brochure iconAlcohol and Drugs: What You Need To Know
Print 8.5x14 or longer

Youth Tobacco Prevention

Do Your Part to Keep Tobacco Away from Kids
(revised in 2019)

tobacco brochure
YTA iconYouth Tobacco Act
Public Act 31 of 1915
(Amended bv PA 236 of 2006)
Products to Minors sign iconTobacco Retailer Youth Sign – products to minors prohibited
Mid-size, 8.5x5.5
Products to Minors sticker iconTobacco Retailer Youth "Sticker" – products to minors prohibited
Small, 4x2
Tobacco Birthdate sign iconTobacco & Alcohol Retailer Birthdate Sign
Large, 8.5x11
We Check to Protect iconWe Check to Protect! Brochure
SOS Webpage
Tobacco Brochure Birthday Tobacco Sign: English
Birthday Tobacco Sign: Arabic
Birthday Tobacco Sign: Spanish
Arabic Tobacco Birthdate sign iconTobacco & Alcohol Retailer Birthdate Sign – Arabic
Large, 8.5x11
Spanish Tobacco Birthdate sign iconTobacco & Alcohol Retailer Birthdate Sign – Spanish
Large, 8.5x11

Problem Gambling Information

Youth Gambling brochure iconYouth Gambling: What are you risking? Senior Gambling brochure iconGambling: The Senior Dilemma
Prbl Gambling card iconProblem Gambling Card
Folded 2x3.5
Prbl Gambling flyer iconProblem Gambling Flyer
Prbl Gambling card Spanish iconTarjeta de Juego de problema
5 2X3. doblado
Prbl Gambling flyer Spanish iconAviador de Juego de problema
Prbl Gambling card Arabic iconLink Arabic Problem Gambling Card ????? ?????? ?????? Prbl Gambling flyer Arabic iconLink Arabic Problem Gambling Flyer ???????? ??????? ??????
Problem Gambling Help-line flyer iconProblem Gambling Help-line Flyer

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