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Office of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

The Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration contracts with 10 Pre-Paid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHP) to provide local prevention and treatment services for persons with substance use disorders. PIHPs may offer assistance in obtaining language interpreters and additional materials in a language other than English.

For those who have questions/concerns related to substance use, but have limited English language skills, please contact the PIHP in your area for assistance.

Información de Tratamiento -Español
Derechos de reipiente iconoDerechos de recipiente Folleto -Español:
conozca sus Derechos  
Derechos de reipiente Cartel 1 iconoDerechos de recipiente Cartel 1 -Español:
Es Bueno Conocer Sus Derechos  
Impresión 11x17 o 8.5x11
Derechos de reipiente Cartel 2 iconoDerechos de recipiente Cartel 2 -Español:
Derechos De Las Personas – 1978 Decreto Público 368  
Impresión 11x17 o 8.5x11

What Is Substance Abuse Treatment? A Booklet for Families This booklet answers questions often asked by family members and friends of people entering treatment. It also offers a resource section with additional information and a list of support groups.

  English: What Is Substance Abuse Treatment? A Booklet for Families
  Spanish/Español: Qué es el tratamiento para el abuso de sustancias? Un folleto para las familias

Motivation for Change – Fotonovela Photographs are used with a story (fotonovela) to help the reader recognize the dangers that people face when they have a substance abuse problem, and the devastating consequences that can result. The story relates the problems of a Hispanic family when the son is faced with his alcoholism; and then begins the road to the recovery.

  Spanish/Español: Motivacion Para El Cambio – Fotonovela

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