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Substance Use, Gambling and Epidemiology Section


Recovery, as defined by a Betty Ford Institute Consensus Panel, is "a voluntarily maintained lifestyle comprised of sobriety, personal health and socially responsible living." One of the goals of the Substance Use, Gambling and Epidemiology Section is to help people, with substance use and mental health disorders, enter into a state of long-term recovery.

ROSC We are committed to developing a recovery oriented system of care (ROSC) in Michigan. As a result, we initiated a process to engage stakeholders throughout the state, including people in recovery, family members, providers, and county administrators, in a dialogue to assist in creation of a shared vision to shape the future of Michigan's prevention and treatment system. To lead the ROSC process in Michigan, SUGE has formed a Transformation Steering Committee (TSC). See more information, newsletters, and fact sheets on the ROSC TSC Webpage.

In 2012, Michigan was one of eight states to receive a grant award that was focused on uniting the voices of recovery for individuals with Mental Health and Substance Use disorders. It was called the Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale - Technical Assistance Strategy or BRSS - TACS award. The Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration was responsible for this effort. Part of the work with this award involved developing a recovery message that could be shared around the State, which could show that individuals with a mental health or substance use disorder can and do recover and lead a fulfilling life. This video tells the recovery story of two individuals that show this is possible.


Consumer Relations A network of 56 Drop-In Centers across the state provide services to address the social and emotional needs of people with mental disabilities.

Drop-In Center Elements and Assessments
Critical elements and ingredients of a Drop-In Center, and assessment tools.

The Recovery Month effort aims to promote the societal benefits of alcohol and drug use disorder treatment, laud the contributions of treatment providers, and promote the message that recovery from alcohol and drug use disorders in all its forms is possible. Recovery Month logo
Michigan's Recovery Month Proclamation

Events in Michigan
How can you support Recovery Month? It's easy! Plan events that will help raise awareness about the cost of substance use disorders; see Recovery Month Event-Planning Tips.
Check out the Recovery Month Toolkit for aid in planning events, and for tools and educational materials to distribute in your community.

Get Help Now
If you, a family member, or a friend is in need of treatment services for substance abuse, click above link for a local phone number to call for immediate assistance.

Self-Help Groups

A list of self-help groups that may be resources of support during treatment and recovery.

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