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Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance Section

The Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance Section aims to safeguard Michigan residents from exposure to lead-based hazards by strengthening primary prevention, verification of work practice compliance, and providing certification and accreditation. With a focus on establishing functional relationships between DEH sections, contractors, and outside vendors; the section aims to improve compliance, quality, and the overall landscape of lead hazard control.

Lead Certification and Compliance Assurance Section units include:

Lead Certification and Enforcement Unit

Jay Wagar, Unit Manager – 517-284-4823

The Lead Certification and Enforcement Unit focuses on:

  • Certifying individuals to conduct lead-based paint abatement activities statewide.
  • Regulatory oversight of individuals conducting lead-based paint abatement activities.
  • Lead abatement professional workforce development initiatives. 
  • Monitoring and complying with related radiation safety requirements.
  • Providing technical guidance and education to the regulated individuals, public, communities, state/city/county programs, etc. through numerous avenues (email; print; digital; phone; in-person mentoring; etc.).
  • Landlord cooperation for lead abatement programs.
  • Other special project assistance, as necessary.

Quality Assurance Unit

Rajita Dnyate, Unit Manager – 517-242-9946

The Quality Assurance Unit focuses on:

  • Reviewing processes and services performed by the Lead Services Section (LSS) and LCCA.
  • Providing quality assurance services throughout DEH.
  • Identifying gaps and improvements in policies and procedures for LSS and LCCA.
  • Working with stakeholders to identify changes in procedures and policies for LSS and LCCA.
  • Identifying and improving data collection and data integrity for effective reporting.
  • Determining training opportunities for process improvement.
  • Establishing quality audits for effective program implementation.

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