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Virtual Presentations


Phase 1 Summary Report Presentation Videos

The videos in this series describe some results from the first phase of the Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study (MiPEHS). More results are still to come!

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.0 - MiPEHS Team Introduction   

  • Meet the MDHHS team conducting MiPEHS. Learn more about them on the About the MiPEHS Team page. 

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.1 - Overview  

  • Watch as Dr. Jordan Bailey, one of the MiPEHS researchers, discusses highlights from the first results of MiPEHS Phase 1. 

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.2 - Future Reports Health Effects  

  • MiPEHS is designed to answer questions about the relationship between PFAS and health. Dr. Jordan Bailey discusses the different health markers tested for in MiPEHS.

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.3 - Drinking Water  

  • Some MiPEHS participants had water samples taken from their homes as part of their study participation. Dr. Jordan Bailey describes the first results of these samples. 

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.4 - Detections of PFAS  

  • All MiPEHS participants had some PFAS found in their blood. Dr. Jordan Bailey discusses which PFAS were found during MiPEHS Phase 1.

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.5 - Distributions of PFAS  

  • Dr. Jordan Bailey explains density plots and shares how PFOA and PFOS levels found in MiPEHS participants compares to national averages.

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.6 - Study Area Comparisons  

  • Dr. Jordan Bailey describes how PFOA and PFOS levels compare between the City of Parchment, Cooper Township, and the Belmont/Rockford area.

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.7 - HalfLife and Changes Over Time  

  • Dr. Jordan Bailey explains the concept of ‘half life’ and how PFAS levels changed over time for some MiPEHS participants.

MiPEHS Summary Report Phase 1.8 - What Comes Next  

  • MiPEHS continues for two more phases! Learn about what’s coming next for the study.