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North Kent County Exposure Assessment: What's Next

The MDHHS North Kent County Exposure Assessment (NKCEA) team continues to analyze data that was collected from the people who took part in the exposure assessment, including drinking water samples and questionnaire data. This analyzed data will be used to develop future reports.

Future NKCEA reports will describe PFAS concentrations in private drinking water wells, examine associations between private drinking water well PFAS concentrations and serum PFAS concentrations, describe self-reported factors that could affect PFAS exposure or elimination, and make additional comparisons between participants’ PFAS serum concentrations and NHANES.

MDHHS is conducting additional research projects on PFAS. The Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study (MiPEHS) and Multi-site Health Study (MSS) include the Belmont and Rockford area in North Kent County, Cooper Township, and the City of Parchment in Kalamazoo County.


For more information on PFAS and the State of Michigan’s response, visit


If you have questions about the North Kent County Exposure Assessment, call MDHHS Environmental Health at 844-464-7327.

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