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PFOMS: PFAS in Firefighters of Michigan Surveillance

PFOMS made the news!

Check out this story highlighting the PFOMS project that is being done within the Division of Environmental Health at MDHHS.

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About the PFOMS Project

PFOMS (pronounced: p-foams) stands for the PFAS in Firefighters of Michigan Surveillance project. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals that are oil- and water-resistant and do not break down easily in the environment. PFAS are commonly used in Class B firefighting foam and firefighting protective gear. The PFOMS project is a statewide initiative with the primary goal of determining blood concentrations of PFAS in Michigan firefighters. The findings of the PFOMS project will help inform decisions about how to minimize firefighters' exposure to PFAS. The PFOMS project will be conducted from 2021 through 2024.

To talk to someone about participating in the PFOMS project, please call the PFOMS staff at 844-464-7327.

Benefits of Participating in the PFOMS Project

There are several potential benefits for firefighters who decide to participate in the PFOMS project, such as:

  • Learning personal blood PFAS concentrations
  • Contributing to the statewide initiative to determine Michigan firefighters’ blood concentration of PFAS
  • Receiving a $25 gift card as a thank-you for participating

Fire Truck IconFire Department Selection, Enrollment, and Participation

Fire departments must be invited to be able to participate in the PFOMS project. Invited fire departments include:

  • All airport fire departments
  • Randomly selected municipal fire departments throughout the state of Michigan

Fire Helmet Icon Firefighter Enrollment and Participation

Firefighters from fire departments that have enrolled in the PFOMS project will be invited to participate. To be eligible to participate in the PFOMS project, firefighters must:

  • Be a current career or volunteer firefighter,
  • Be on the current roster of the eligible fire department,
  • Be 18 years of age or older, and
  • Be willing to provide a small blood sample to test for PFAS

All eligible firefighters from enrolled fire departments are encouraged to participate in the PFOMS project regardless of their tenure with the fire department, experience as a firefighter, or perceived exposure to PFAS. Results from the PFOMS project will be used to help inform future decisions about how to best protect firefighters from PFAS exposure.