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Meet the PFOMS Team

The PFOMS Project Team

The PFOMS Project Team

The PFOMS project team is an interdisciplinary team that is part of the Division of Environmental Health in the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services. The team includes toxicologists, epidemiologists, health educators, community engagement specialists, and other critical staff. The PFOMS project team works together to support the success of the PFOMS project and ensure that PFOMS participants have a positive experience.

Portrait of Kory Groetsch

Kory Groetsch, MS

Principal Investigator

Mr. Kory Groetsch is the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Environmental Public Health Director for the Division of Environmental Health overseeing response efforts for lead, vapor intrusion, drinking water, PFAS, and other sites of contamination. Prior to his current position, Mr. Groetsch served as a toxicologist and health educator within the Toxicology and Response Section, managing the State's Cooperative Agreement with the CDC's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and conducting public health exposure assessments, biomonitoring activities, and health education activities across the state for 17 years.

Portrait of Matt Geiger

Matt Geiger, MS

Co-Principal Investigator

Matthew Geiger, MS is the Director for the Division of Chemistry and Toxicology, MDHHS Bureau of Laboratories, and will serve as the Laboratory Manager (LM) and Co-principal investigator (Co-PI) on this project. Mr. Geiger collaborates with CDC laboratory scientists to establish standardized protocols to collect, handle, and analyze biological samples.

Portrait of Darren Donnelly

Darren Donnelly, MPH

Project Manager

Darren Donnelly is project manager for both the PFOMS and MiChEM biomonitoring projects within the state of Michigan. Darren has a strong passion for public health and has worked in the Superfund Division at the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the Genesee County Healthy Start program. Darren is committed to improving the health of Michigan residents by using evidence-based practices focused on environmental justice and health equity.

Priyashi Manani Portrait

Priyashi Manani, MPH

Lead Epidemiologist

Priyashi Manani is an epidemiologist with prior experience in conducting a PFAS exposure assessment and data management. Her primary interests are in environmental epidemiology, and she is committed to reducing burden of disease and exposure to environmental contaminants in Michigan communities.

Jacob Carrick Portrait

Jacob Carrick, MS

Lead Toxicologist

Jacob Carrick is a toxicologist with over four years of experience evaluating the effects of environmental chemicals on the health of Michigan residents. In his position at MDHHS, Jacob performs work in several areas related to his core interest of identifying and mitigating human exposures to chemicals in the environment.

Dan Bator Portrait

Dan Bator, MPH

Community Engagement Coordinator

Dan is a community engagement specialist committed to helping Michigan communities improve well-being through group collaboration and outreach. His primary interests include health messaging, team building, and facilitating connections at the local, state, and national level to promote public health. 

Brandon Thomas Portrait

Brandon Thomas, MA

Health Education Coordinator

Brandon Thomas has over five years of experience in environmental health. Before joining MDHHS, Brandon served as a project manager and research assistant on several federally funded grants that looked at environmental risk factors of breast cancer. Brandon is committed to helping individuals better understand the complexities of environmental health through communication.

Aimee Algrim Portrait

Aimee Algrim

Biomonitoring Coordinator

Aimee Algrim is a biomonitoring coordinator on two state-wide environmental projects, PFAS in Firefighters of Michigan Surveillance and Michigan Chemical Exposure Monitoring. She is a military veteran with prior experience in recruitment and planning logistics for a PFAS exposure assessment.

Portrait of Shaciara Smith

Shaciara Smith, MPH

Biomonitoring Clinic Logistics Coordinator

Shaciara has earned a Master’s degree in Public Health Epidemiology at The University of Toledo. Ms. Smith has experience with research and data analysis, data entry, project management, assistant teaching, mortgages and tech support. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Howard University, Ms. Smith is a former undergraduate researcher in the HealthPARC (Health Promotions and Risk Reduction Center) research group and Ms. Smith has also interned in the Social and Behavioral Research Branch at the National Institutes of Health. Shaciara is very organized and passionate about giving back to the community. She also considers herself a lifelong learner who loves to read!

Omolade Latona Portrait

Omolade Latona, MA

Data Analyst

Omolade Latona is a data analyst with professional experience in data management, survey design and programming, research data analysis, and program evaluation. She is responsible for programming the survey instruments, data quality checks, and coordinating data integration across the different PFOMS databases.

Portrait of Camryn Giem

Camryn Giem, CHES®

Biomonitoring Clinic Logistics Coordinator

Camryn is a Biomonitoring Clinic Logistics Coordinator who oversees and coordinates the field operations for the statewide biomonitoring projects PFAS in Firefighters of Michigan Surveillance (PFOMS) and Michigan Chemical Exposure Monitoring (MiChEM). She embraces the opportunity for field work as it allows her to stay connected to the communities she serves. Camryn has a passion for public health and connecting Michigan communities to information and resources to protect their health.

Yesenia Grijalva

Yesenia Grijalva, MPH, CHES

Mobile Lab Operations Coordinator

Yesenia Grijalva is an operations coordinator within MDHHS with prior experience in research, community engagement, and health center management. Before joining MDHHS, Yesenia worked on a research project on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the capacity of partners of local health departments to support their community members in New York State. Yesenia is committed to providing individuals with the resources necessary to promote autonomy in health decision-making.