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Eat Safe Fish in White Lake (Muskegon County)

Although White Lake in Muskegon County has had its share of problems, a lot of work has been done over the years to improve the environment in the area. There are fish you can safely eat from White Lake.

  • Check the Eat Safe Fish Guide to find the safest fish to eat from White Lake
  • To get the current fish consumption guidelines for other lakes and rivers in Michigan, check out the other Eat Safe Fish Guides.

Learn more about our partners and the Muskegon Lake Area of Concern:

Thank you to everyone who has worked to improve the environmental quality of White Lake. To learn more about these partners and the former White Lake Area of Concern, please visit these sites:


The White Lake Public Advisory Council

Muskegon Conservation District

White River Watershed Partnership

White Lake Association

White Lake Area Sportfishing Association

To get free print copies of these flyers or brochures, please call MDHHS at 1-800-648-6942.