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Fact Sheets

Youth Suicide Data Tables (pdf)

Suicidal Behaviors Among Youth and Young Adults in Michigan (pdf)

Suicide Deaths Among Youth and Young Adults in Michigan (pdf)

National Violent Death Reporting System - 2016 Suicide Snapshot

MiVDRS Suicide Deaths in Michigan, 2014-2016

MiVDRS Suicide Deaths in Michigan, 2014-2017

MiVDRS Suicide Deaths in Michigan, 2014-2018


Transforming Youth Suicide Prevention Publications

Arango, A., Czyz, E. K., Magness, C. S., Hong, V., Smith, T., Kettley, J., & Ewell Foster, C. (2023). Predictors of suicide coping self-efficacy among youth presenting to a psychiatric emergency department. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 53(4), 586–596. 21

Ewell Foster CJ, Burnside AN, Smith PK, Kramer AC, Wills A, A King C. Identification, Response, and Referral of Suicidal Youth Following Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training. Suicide Life Threat Behav. 2017 Jun;47(3):297-308. doi: 10.1111/sltb.12272

Ewell Foster, C., Magness, C., Czyz, E. et al. Predictors of Parent Behavioral Engagement in Youth Suicide Discharge Recommendations: Implications for Family-Centered Crisis Interventions. Child Psychiatry Hum Dev 53, 1240–1251 (2022).

Ewell Foster, C., Derwin, S., Bornheimer, L. A., Magness, C., Kahsay, E., Eis, M., Verdugo, J. L., Smith, T., Massey, L., Rivara, F. P., & King, C. A. (2023). Firearm Safe Storage in rural families: Community perspectives about ownership and safety messaging. Health Promotion Practice, 152483992311664.

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Kahsay, E., Magness, C. S., Persky, S., Smith, P. K., & Foster, C. E. (2020). Suicide Prevention Training in the Child Welfare Workforce: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Patterns Prior to and Following safe TALK Training. Child Welfare, 98(1), 95–114.

Magness, C. S., Stern, K., Burnside, A., Masterson, D., Finkelstein, S., Kramer, A., Smith, P. K., & Foster, C. J. (2023). Changes in gatekeeper beliefs following asist and relation to subsequent Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Behaviors. Community Mental Health Journal, 59(5), 1013–1020. 21

Smith, T., Magness, C., Arango, A., Finkelstein, S., Kahsay, E., Czyz, E., Hong, V., Kettley, J., Smith, P. K., & Ewell Foster, C. (2023). Worsening symptoms of anxiety, depression, and sleep problems in caregivers following youth’s suicide-related emergency department visit. Archives of Suicide Research, 1–10. 21