Michigan Documents Collection at the Library of Michigan

The Library of Michigan's Michigan Documents Collection contains state executive, legislative and judicial publications issued since 1805. Many of these state government publications are also distributed by the Library of Michigan to a network of 11 depository libraries around the state for the benefit of the state's citizens.

The Michigan Documents Collection is housed in two separate collections. The first, which is known as the Official Michigan Documents collection contains the first, and sometimes only, copy of each document and is located in a closed stack area. Official documents do not circulate, but can be used in the library by request through the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor. Most 'official' Michigan documents are duplicated in a second open browsing collection on the 2nd floor that circulates to the public. All Michigan documents are cataloged and searchable in the library's online catalog, ANSWER.

In keeping with Michigan government's current information dissemination practices, the Library of Michigan officially changed the designated format of a Michigan document from print to electronic in 2006. Instead of collecting many documents in hardcopy, the library now captures and preserves a digital copy of individual publications as well as whole websites. These archived materials are available from the following sources.


Governing Michigan logoGoverning Michigan:

The Library of Michigan’s primary digital repository, providing access to digital copies of select Michigan government publications collected by the Library of Michigan


Archive-It logoMichigan Government Web Collection

Navigable snapshots of state government websites, 2006 – present



The Library of Michigan’s online catalog. 

Some documents that are not available online or that have significant, long-term value may still be collected and retained in print.

Updated 03/06/2018