The Effects of Marketing and Tobacco Use on Targeted Groups

map of Michigan with embedded images of diverse populations

Target marketing is a strategy used to increase sales and gain new customers. Certain population groups are targeted with advertisements, product promotions, and sponsorship of community-wide celebrations and events.

The success of these campaigns is usually determined by the increase in sales in the targeted communities. Unfortunately, those increases come at a price. The more members of these groups use tobacco, the greater their risk of becoming ill or dying from tobacco-related disease.

Some population groups have higher-than-average smoking rates. As a result, members of these communities bear a proportionately high burden from tobacco use. The Tobacco Program is committed to eliminating these higher burdens while working to decrease the rate of tobacco use among ALL residents of our state.


Map credit: The Michigan residential diversity map on this page was designed by Dorothy Lieu Keith ( and is the property of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Tobacco Section.