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Advisory Committee for MI Health Link 

You are welcome to apply to the MI Health Link Advisory Committee at any time.  Committee members provide input through review and discussion of provided materials, active participation in meetings, development of work plan materials, and through feedback regarding the MI Health Link program.  Members should have basic knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid services.  Committee members are MI Health Link enrollees or their families, allies or advocates, peer or trade organizations, and service providers.  Before applying for membership, please read "MI Health Link Advisory Committee: Frequently Asked Questions".  If you have questions about the committee or need a mailed application, email IntegratedCare@Michigan.Gov.  *Membership is not extended to employees of Integrated Care Organizations or Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans that provide MI Health Link supports and services.  






Benefits of MI Health Link


6 Key MI Heath Link Points Flyer    


Compare Home and Community Based Long Term Care Programs


How Behavioral Health Benefits are Provided through MI Health Link


MI Health Link Personal Care Supplement



Care Coordination


CHAMPS and Contract Information


CMS Resources 


Community Mental Health Services


Community Transition Services Program 


Consent Forms


Contact and Contract Information for Providers


Continuity of Care


CPE Rates for MI Health Link, Financial Alignment, Evaluation


Certified Public Expenditure Rates for MI Health Link



Deeming and Eligibility



Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)


Enrollment Dashboard for MI Health Link


Enrollment/Disenrollment for MI Health Link



Financial Alignment Initiative 


Flyers and Handouts (Printable) 


Forms - MDDHS 

Consent Forms

Frequently Asked Questions (michigan.gov) about the MI Health Link Program



General Resources  



Habilitation Supports Waiver


Health Professional Shortage Areas


Home and Community Based Long Term Care Service Programs


Home Help Information, Information for Individuals Providing Personal Care Services/Home Help


Hospice and MI Health Link, How Hospice benefits are provided through MI Health Link





Letter Templates



Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) 

MMAP services include, but are not limited to, providing Medicare, Medicaid, and other health benefits counseling for older adults and for people with disabilities.



MDHHS Medicaid Provider Manual


Michigan ENROLLS 

Call Michigan ENROLLS to enroll, opt out, or disenroll in the program. You may also call for information about changing health plans.


MI Health Link Advisory Committee


MI Health Link, Certified Public Expenditure Rates


MI Health Link, Provider Resources Toolkit


MI Health Link, ICO Contact List for Providers


MI Health Link, Enrollment Dashboard


MI Health Link Frequently Asked Questions (michigan.gov)


MI Health Link Independent Care Organization (ICO) Service Provider Health Plan Websites and Telephone Numbers 


MI Health Link Information for People with Medicare and Medicaid


MDHHS - MI Health Link Information for Providers (michigan.gov) 


MI Health Link History


MI Health Link, Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman

  • The Long-Term Care Ombudsman helps address the quality of care and quality of life experienced by residents who reside in licensed long term care facilities such as nursing homes, homes for the aged and adult foster care facilities.


MI Health Link Program Requirements


MI Health Link, Quality Dashboard


MI Health Link Service Areas, Service Area Map 


MI Health Link Services Benefits

Moving from MI Choice to the MI Health Link Program



Nursing Facility Transition Services Program - Community Transition Services Program 






Quality Dashboard for MI Health Link


SFY 2019-2020 External Quality Review Technical Report


2019 Integrated Care Organization CAHPS® Report  


2020 Integrated Care Organization CAHPS® Report  




Resources and Training 

  • Learning Management System (LMS)  
    • The LMS is an end-to-end learning management system enabling organizations and the public to use mobile, social, and video technologies to manage e-learning efficiently.  Administrators may access and run reports of course completion.  Courses include training on person-centered planning, advance directives, cultural competency, disability awareness, care coordination, self-determination, and more.  


Stakeholder and Advocate Involvement in MI Health Link  


Success Stories of MI Health Link Members:



Waiver Renewal Applications

  • 1915(b) Waiver Draft Renewal Application      
  • 1915(c) Waiver Draft Renewal Application