Additional Information

  • Fees

    Fees for Michigan vital records - searches and copies.

  • Turn-Around Time

    Information on turn around times based on type of service requested and the date and type of the vital event.

  • Urgent Requests

    Information on options - online ordering and other expedited service.

  • Adoptees Requesting a Birth Record

    Information relating to requesting adoptive birth records.

  • Legal Name Change

    Information on process to change name on birth record.

  • Identifying a Michigan Birth Record

    How to verify that a copy of a Michigan birth record was recently issued by the State Vital Records Office.

  • Driving Directions

    The State of Michigan Vital Records Office is located at 333 S Grand Avenue, South Grand Building, 1st Floor, Lansing MI 48933.

  • Official Statement of No Marriage

    If you are a resident of Michigan and you plan to be married in a foreign country, you will need to obtain an official statement of no marriage (or single status).