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External Links

The External Links function in CHAMPS is a listing of websites, resources, and tools designed to help providers. Including, Document Management Portal (DMP), Facility Settlement, Medicaid Code Rate and Reference, Predictive Modeling, and more. 

To access a resource click on the preferred file format hyperlink.

CHAMPS External Links Quick Reference Guide -PDF 

Document Management Portal (DMP)

This tool will enable providers to electronically submit supporting documentation for Medicaid claims filed electronically through CHAMPS, software vendor, or FTS, submit consent forms, and submit records requested for Predictive Modeling requirements.  Users will notice changes on the CHAMPS screens.

Facility Settlement

The Facility Settlement system within CHAMPS allows providers to electronically submit a Medicaid cost report. Providers must have a FS specific profile in order to access the Facility Settlement system. 

Medicaid Code and Rate Reference

The Medicaid Code and Rate Reference tool is used for providers to view code details such as rates, limits, age restrictions, gender restrictions, modifier requirements, and prior authorization requirements. For outpatient hospitals, the Medicare Addendum B, MDHHS wraparound list, and other resources must be utilized to accommodate pertinent information not loaded within the Medicaid Code and Rate

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling, a pre-payment claims process in CHAMPS, uses advanced screening technology to identify Medicaid claims in which there are billing irregularities. Claims flagged by the predictive modeling process will undergo a detailed analysis to determine the next step(s) to be taken.  This may include a review of medical records and/or past claims.  Providers must submit the requested records in a timely manner to avoid denials for lack of documentation.


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