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Medicaid Providers

This page provides information for healthcare providers who provide services to Medicaid beneficiaries or would like to enroll as a Medicaid provider.

It provides links to CHAMPS, billing and reimbursement resources, training, policy documents, and much more.  

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) 2023 Benefit Changes

Many changes were made to the Medicaid program's eligibility, administration, and policies to ease rules for providers and prevent Medicaid beneficiaries from losing health insurance. As per federal legislation, Michigan restarted monthly eligibility renewals for both fee-for-service Medicaid and Medicaid Health Plan (MHP) in June 2023. Certain waived policies that were in place during the PHE are now in the process of unwinding and will continue the unwind process as the authority for these policies expire.

Additional COVID-19 Information