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WIC Systems

Welcome to WIC Systems!

Michigan WIC has several systems and interfaces that allow for improved functionality and client services. In 2009, we implemented our Michigan WIC client eligibility system, Management Information for WIC (MI-WIC). Michigan has been celebrated as the first state to implement an online client eligibility certification system integrated with online EBT. MI-WIC is a user-friendly, web-based application that has improved clinic process, client services and data quality.   Michigan WIC's EPPIC system tracks client's electronic benefits transfers and shows client's available benefits.

MI-WIC has interfaces with many external systems including, EPPIC, MCIR, CHAMPS and One Call Now's Auto Dialer. With their many features and enhancements, Michigan WIC systems have proven to be invaluable tools for local agencies and state staff in serving the women, infants and children of Michigan. Here you will find up to date information regarding system releases, special projects, policies and processes.


                   Thank you for your continued support of our Michigan WIC Systems!



Additional Resources

System Releases

Access to system release information, presentations and webcasts.

System Policies & Processes

Access to system use and security information.

WIC System Projects

Information about system achievements and special projects.