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Trauma Facility Verification and Designation

A major component of trauma system development is the verification and designation of trauma facilities. This process allows all stakeholders and partners involved in the system to quickly match the injured patient to the correct resource in the right amount of time. Verification is the process where a recognized entity provides an objective, external review of institutional capability and performance.

The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS-COT) provides verification for Level I, Level II, and Level III trauma facilities in Michigan and across the country. 

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) can provide verification of Level III or Level IV facilities who request an in-state process.  Designation is a status that is conferred by the MDHHS on trauma facilities that have been verified by either the ACS-COT or by the State of Michigan. The ACS-COT describes designation as a geopolitical process by which empowered entities, government or otherwise are authorized to designate.

Administrative Rule 325.130 Rule 6 states that:

"(1) A healthcare facility which intends to provide trauma care shall obtain designation as a trauma facility, and a healthcare facility shall not self-designate itself as a trauma facility. (2) A healthcare facility shall not use the word "trauma" to describe its facility, or in its advertising, unless it obtains and maintains a designation as a "trauma facility" from the department. (3) A healthcare facility that wishes to identify itself as a trauma facility shall meet the criteria for the level of designation being sought."

Facilities must apply to MDHHS to request designation.  A facility must be successfully verified by either the ACS or the department and must meet the Michigan Criteria in order to be considered for designation (see link below).  The designation period matches the verification period (three year cycle).  A trauma facility must re-apply for designation after each verification.  Facilities that have been given less than a three year verification certificate will have a designation certificate that matches this verification time frame.

For the first three year designation period, pre-hospital providers are asked to consider the facilities provisional trauma level determination. This will allow facilities to develop their trauma programs, collect meaningful data and make an appropriate determination of their capacity and level of trauma care they can provide. To read more about provisional for In-State Verified Facilities, click here.

Michigan Criteria for Trauma Facility Designation

List of Michigan Designated Trauma Facilities