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American College of Surgeons Verified Facilities

The State of Michigan designates Level I, II, and III American College of Surgeons (ACS) verified facilities. ACS trauma facilities will be designated when they meet the Michigan Criteria, submit an application for designation, a copy of their ACS verification letter, and the site reviewer applications for the in-state verification team (2 per facility; only applies to Level I and II).  

Get Started!

  1. Review the Michigan Criteria
  2. Complete and submit the ACS Verified Facility, Level I, II, and III Designation Application
  3. Complete the Trauma Facility Site Reviewer Application (one per candidate) and submit along with the designation application (only applies to Level I and II).
  4. Once submitted, the designation application will go through the review process, including review and recommendations from the Designation Subcommittee to the department.
  5. The facility will be notified by the Designation Coordinator of the designation determination.

Relevant Documents and Resources: