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Virtual Visit Information

The State of Michigan verification process provides an objective, external review of institutional capabilities and performance. It is designed to assist hospitals in the evaluation and improvement of trauma care. Virtual visits are conducted by healthcare professionals with expertise in trauma care and trauma program development. The review team assesses commitment, readiness, resources, policies, patient care, performance improvement, and other relevant criteria as outlined by the State of Michigan and American College of Surgeons.

Get Started!

  1. Hospitals seeking re-verification/designation
    • At least 90 days prior to the designation expiration, submit a Request for In-State Verification Site Review
  2. Hospitals seeking initial verification/designation
    • If not previously completed, submit a Request for In-State Verification Site Review. If a request has already been submitted for your hospital, the State Trauma Designation Coordinator will contact you once it is time to begin scheduling the site visit. 
  3. After a visit is scheduled, request access to the State of Michigan's File Transfer Application. 
  4. Submit the Pre-Review Questionnaire (PRQ), Application for Designation, and completed Chart Review Selection (CRS) Template 45 days prior to the scheduled visit. 
  5. Submit selected medical records and required program documentation 14 days prior to the scheduled visit. 
  6. Prepare for the virtual visit by rehearsing the tour to ensure everything will run smoothly the day of the visit, reviewing chosen medical records to be prepared to answer questions, scheduling appropriate participants for each component of the review day. Refer to the Pre-Review Virtual Checklist below for more details on preparation for a virtual visit. 
  7. The PRQ and selected medical records will serve as a guide for the review. However, reviewers may look beyond the requested documents and medical records if additional validation of compliance is needed. Before the virtual visit is complete, the reviewers will discuss their findings with the facility. 
  8. The site review reports will go to the Designation Subcommittee who will make a recommendation on designation determination to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. 
  9. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services makes the final designation determination.

Virtual Visit Resources:

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