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MDHHS seeks public input on effort to offer nutrition services to Medicaid recipients

As a part of its commitment to strengthen health care for Michigan residents and address social determinants of health, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is seeking public input on potential services designed to address health-related nutrition needs.

MDHHS is encouraging health plans participating in the Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan to offer in lieu of services (ILOS) options to beneficiaries that address food insecurity and increase access to healthy foods.

ILOS are services the state considers to be medically appropriate and cost effective when provided as substitutes to other Medicaid-covered services. ILOS would be offered to eligible Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan enrollees by their health plan and delivered by a community-based provider such as a food bank, meal provider or a food pharmacy which is a new program model designed to increase the access to and consumption of healthy foods.

“MDHHS is working to address social determinants of health by investing in and engaging with community-based organizations,” said Elizabeth Hertel, director. “The department is excited for the opportunity to collaborate with community partners on this innovative effort to improve the health of Michigan residents enrolled in Medicaid health plans through nutrition services.”

MDHHS is seeking public input on proposed service definitions for the following four potential ILOS:

  • Medically Tailored Home Delivered Meal.
  • Healthy Home Delivered Meal.
  • Healthy Food Pack.
  • Produce Prescription.

Through a request for information (RFI), MDHHS is seeking input from community-based nutrition service providers, community-based organizations, advocacy groups, federally recognized Michigan Indian tribes, providers of health care, health systems, health plans and other interested parties that bring valuable insights into local needs and cultural considerations, as well as into statewide capacity to deliver nutrition-focused services.

The RFI questions seek feedback on the proposed ILOS definitions, how best they meet enrollee needs, the availability of ILOS across the state and community-based providers’ capacity to deliver ILOS.

Feedback will be used to refine ILOS definitions prior to submission for federal approval and implementation.

Responses must be submitted via email to by 5 p.m., Friday, April 5.

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