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Michigan Stroke Dashboards: Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Stroke Care Performance

The Michigan Stroke Program (MiSP) has developed an interactive dashboard to share standardized, up-to-date emergency medical service (EMS) data that can help support improvement in stroke patient care and outcomes.

The dashboard below includes three tabs to explore the data.

The first tab ("EMS Performance Measures & Response Time from Dispatch to Destination") displays EMS agency-level compliance with five EMS stroke care performance measures (On-Scene Time of Less than 15 Minutes; Blood Glucose Checked and Recorded; Stroke Alert Pre-Notification Called into Hospital; Completed and Documented Stroke Screen; and Documented Time Last Known to be Well), as well as median response time from dispatch to destination for suspected stroke patients. Aggregate data are shown for both EMS agencies that partner with the MiSP (accounting for about 70 percent of all EMS stroke transports in Michigan), as well as EMS agencies statewide.

The second tab ("EMS Performance Measures by Region") displays aggregate data by regions of the state for the same five EMS stroke care performance measures.

The third tab ("Stroke Registry to EMS Outcomes") shows the linkage between statewide EMS data and Michigan stroke registry data, including Method and Data Resources; Dispatch to Destination Time for Matched Cases; Matched Cases Diagnosed as Strokes by MiSP Receiving Hospitals; and Patient Outcome for Matched Cases.

Download Excel (.xlsx) files for these data

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