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Michigan Stroke Dashboards: Stroke Risk Factor Prevalence, Hospitalization Rates, and Mortality Rates

The Michigan Stroke Program (MiSP) has developed an interactive dashboard that allows the public to assess the stroke burden in Michigan.

The dashboard below includes three tabs to explore Michigan stroke data. The first tab examines the six most common risk factors reported by adults in Michigan and their demographic characteristics associated with stroke risk. The second tab displays the annual trend of stroke hospitalization rates per 10,000 Michigan residents by county level. The third tab provides data on the yearly trend of stroke mortality rates by county per 100,000 Michigan residents.

The fourth and fifth tabs display the annual trends of stroke hospitalization and mortality rates broken down by race and sex.

The dashboard's sixth and final tab (labeled "Q&A") provides information to contact the MiSP team.

Download Excel (.xlsx) files for these data

  • Factors Impacting the Risk of Stroke, by Age, Income, Race, and Gender (2011-2022) Microsoft Excel icon
    This file contains prevalence data for risk factors associated with an increased risk of stroke, including high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, low physical activity (exercise), and weight status (overweight and obese). Each risk factor can be compared across demographic characteristics, including age, gender, race, and household income.
  • Combined File: Annual Stroke Hospitalization Rates, by County (2016-2021) and Annual Stroke Mortality Rates, by County (2016-2022) Microsoft Excel icon
    This file contains data from the stroke hospitalization and the mortality maps embedded in the dashboard. The hospitalization information contains county-level data that reflect rates per 10,000 residents. The mortality sheet contains county-level data that reflect rates per 100,000 residents. It also contains data on the annual trends of stroke mortality and stroke hospitalization rates broken down by race and sex.

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